The photos from the Winter 2000 UK brigade

Andrei's photos

The first week

AE_1_08.jpg - Turtles

AE_1_12.jpg - Sign in the campamento [Who wakes up to Cuba today wakes up all the time - Jose Marti]

AE_1_15.jpg - Brigadistas outside shop talking to kids

AE_1_17.jpg - Brigadistas outside shop talking to kids on street

AE_1_18.jpg - There was an old lady who swallowed a fly...

AE_1_21.jpg - Kid on a thing with wheels

AE_1_22.jpg - Colourful picture of small house with garden

AE_1_27.jpg - A Cuban toilet with a frog

AE_1_27a.jpg - Close up of the frog in the toilet from previous photo

AE_1_28.jpg - Brigadistas and campamentos having a leisurly drink at night

AE_1_29.jpg - Brigadistas sitting in front of a dormitory. Miranda is looking a bit bored because she's trapped and if she tries to escape, she'll fall over a pair of legs.

AE_1_32.jpg - Brigadistas investigating a banana tree

AE_1_34.jpg - Introducing Mr and Mrs crocodile

AE_1_35.jpg - A lizard hiding in a bus (guagua) roof-window

AE_1_35a.jpg - Close up of the lizard from previous photo

AE_1_36.jpg - A Cuban beach (water view)

AE_1_37.jpg - A Cuban beach (side view)

AE_1_38.jpg - A Cuban river (view from the hut)

AE_1_39.jpg - Crocodiles and turtles living in perfect harmony

AE_1_40.jpg - View inside a dormitory

AE_2_01.jpg - A bust of Jose Marti

AE_2_02.jpg - The compañeros group photo

AE_2_03.jpg - The main-compañeros group photo

AE_2_07.jpg - The UK Brigadistas group photo #1

AE_2_08.jpg - The UK Brigadistas group photo #2

AE_2_09.jpg - The UK Brigadistas group photo #3

AE_2_11.jpg - Introducing the deputy photographer

AE_2_12.jpg - The posse who went to the same school together in front of Jose Marti and the Cuban flag

AE_2_13.jpg - Andrei in front of Jose Marti and the Cuban flag

AE_2_18.jpg - A view accross the main camp-area towards the bar with the UK brigade banner in the foreground

AE_2_19.jpg - Picture of the dormitory. Apparently, when someone said "mornin'" , the reply was "Nah, just looking at the ground"

AE_2_23.jpg - A lizard on a chair

AE_2_27.jpg - Guinea pigs

AE_2_29.jpg - A guinea pig

AE_2_34.jpg - A big thingy of Che Guevara

AE_2_39.jpg - The bronze statue of John Lennon (or should that be a statue of a bronze John Lennon?)

AE_3_01.jpg - It's the crack of dawn, and the brigadistas are clustered around the guaguas

AE_3_02.jpg - And here's Andrei, complete with water-bottle, colourful T-shirt, and an extra hat

AE_3_03.jpg - More brigadistas posing before they set off for work (as you can see, the Cuban diseases have started to take their toll)

AE_3_04.jpg - A russian solidarity monument passed on the way to work

AE_3_05.jpg - The brigadistas heading to work

AE_3_06.jpg - The school the brigadistas passed on the way to work

AE_3_07.jpg - The brigadistas still heading to work (getting there)

AE_3_09.jpg - Let's pick orange!

AE_3_11.jpg - It's raining oranges - haleleujah!

AE_3_14.jpg - Great big pile of oranges

AE_3_15.jpg - Oranges in the cart with orange tree in the background

AE_3_16.jpg - Lets go for a ride with the oranges

AE_3_17.jpg - Break time amongst the oranges

AE_3_18.jpg - The orange groves viewed from a small distance

AE_3_20.jpg - The veterans of "La Revolucion" came to give us a talk

AE_3_21.jpg - It's the next day and the brigadistas are heading back to work

AE_3_22.jpg - The brigadistas have made it at last

AE_3_23.jpg - An insect pretending to be a branch

AE_3_24.jpg - Carrying a sack of oranges

AE_3_25.jpg - Brigadista hiding in an orange-tree

AE_3_27.jpg - Brigadistas slowly getting ready to wave oranges in the air

AE_3_27a.jpg - close up of brigadista with orange on head (from previous photo)

AE_3_28.jpg - The crocodiles hugging

AE_3_30.jpg - Dinner at the campamento. Some musicians have come along to enhance the eating-esperience.

AE_3_32.jpg - What started off as a pleasant drink...

AE_3_33.jpg - ... quickly got a bit out of hand.

AE_3_34.jpg - BOO!

AE_3_35.jpg - Help! Help! It's me that's meant to be eating the oranges, not the other way round.

AE_3_36.jpg - Come - let us celebrate another successful orange harvest by sitting on the orange-trailer.

AE_3_37.jpg - A Cuban bull, cart, and farmer.

AE_3_38.jpg - Patrick! Wake up!

AE_3_39.jpg - We're sorry, but thanks to the weather, you can't do any work today, but not to worry, the chairs are in a nice floral arrangment.

AE_4_01.jpg - Spanish lesson

AE_4_04.jpg - Salsa lesson - how to do the Conga

AE_4_05.jpg - Salsa lesson - and here's how it should be done!

The second week

AE_4_07.jpg - A frog resting on a brigadista's hat

AE_4_07a.jpg - An attempt was made to take a close-up photo of the frog, but that was thwarted when the frog jumped on to the photographer, so here instead is the frog from the previous photo zoomed.

AE_4_08.jpg - Brigadistas sitting outside the dormitories - "Rowan - it's OK - we were only kidding about the frog on your hat!"

AE_4_09.jpg - The hotel Havana Libre

AE_4_11.jpg - Rainy Havana

AE_4_12.jpg - A bar in Havana featuring a brigadista startled by being near two cameras at once.

AE_4_13.jpg - Brigadistas and Cubans mixing freely in the Havana bar

AE_4_14.jpg - Viñales view #1

AE_4_15.jpg - Viñales view #2

AE_4_16.jpg - Viñales view #3

AE_4_17.jpg - Viñales view #4

AE_4_18.jpg - Viñales overview

AE_4_19.jpg - Viñales top-of-the-valley souvenir shop

AE_4_21.jpg - The middle of a hut in Viñales

AE_4_22.jpg - The edge of a hut in Viñales

AE_4_23.jpg - View of some hit in Viñales

AE_4_24.jpg - Viñales: descending the hill to the caves

AE_4_28.jpg - Viñales: Entered the caves

AE_4_29.jpg - Viñales: Some mouldy stones in the caves

AE_4_31.jpg - Viñales: The Norwegians pay their 'respects' to the cave.

AE_4_32.jpg - Viñales: Actually, this is a map - not a new life-form as someone suggested

AE_4_33.jpg - Viñales: The Cuban equivalent of the boat accross the river Styx

AE_4_35.jpg - Viñales: Ignorance is bliss

AE_4_36.jpg - Viñales: Leaving the cavernous cavern by boat #1

AE_4_37.jpg - Viñales: Leaving the cavernous cavern by boat #2

AE_4_38.jpg - Viñales: Leaving the cavernous cavern by boat #3

AE_4_39.jpg - Viñales: Leaving the cavernous cavern by boat #4

AE_5_01.jpg - Viñales: The outside the tunnel before the waterfall bit.

AE_5_03.jpg - Viñales: - Sugar cane being squeezed in a sugar-cane squeezer

AE_5_04.jpg - Viva la cocnut!!!

AE_5_05.jpg - Viñales (also available as desktop wallpaper)

AE_5_08.jpg - A Cuban motorway

AE_5_09.jpg - Scene from behind the motorway rest-stop

AE_5_10.jpg - The fine Cuban art of guagua racing

AE_5_11.jpg - International evening - The Belgians doing their performance

AE_5_13.jpg - International evening - Revolutionary Danes

AE_5_15.jpg - International evening - The Finns about to frow boots at the audience

AE_5_18.jpg - International evening - Boris and Liber were taught some weird kind of dance

AE_5_21.jpg - A dormitory photo - pose time

AE_5_22.jpg - A dormitory photo - after pose time

AE_5_23.jpg - Cuban insect on a tree

AE_5_23a.jpg - Close-up of the Cuban insect from previous photo

AE_5_24.jpg - The same Cuban insect being held

AE_5_25.jpg - El pollo

AE_6_01.jpg - The main foyer of the hotel Havana Libre

AE_6_02.jpg - A brigadista eating a 'Las-Ramplas' burger

AE_6_02a.jpg - Close-up of the brigadista eating a 'Las-Ramplas' burger from the prevois photo

AE_6_03.jpg - Havana by night - busy road with a huge guagua

AE_6_09.jpg - Havana by night - some buildings

AE_6_12.jpg - A Cuban breakfast

AE_6_13.jpg - Two brigadistas in love

AE_6_14.jpg - Washing-line based musical entertainment

AE_6_16.jpg - Ants

AE_6_17.jpg - A view of a dormitory from a bed

AE_6_21.jpg - Laying flowers at the Artemista monument

AE_6_25.jpg - Mosaic at Artemista (right)

AE_6_26.jpg - Mosaic at Artemista (left)

AE_6_29.jpg - Graffitti (?) on a tree at Artemista

AE_6_30.jpg - A Cuban feast layed on for us at Artemista

AE_6_31.jpg - Ants carrying stuff

AE_6_33.jpg - One of the more exotic Cuban suppers

AE_6_33a.jpg - One of the more exotic Cuban lunches (you get the idea...)

AE_6_34.jpg - Cuban birthdaycake

AE_6_35.jpg - The collective birthdaycelebrations of those who'se birthdays were during the period of the brigades

AE_6_36.jpg - Monument to the heroes of the revolution in Havana

AE_6_37.jpg - A building in Havana that looks so nice you could eat it (or at least you'd eat it if you'd been faced with Cuban cuisine for two weeks)

AE_6_38.jpg - The same building from the previous photo viewed from round the corner

AE_6_39.jpg - Buildings in a street with a huge guagua

AE_6_40.jpg - The hotel Capitolio - copied from the White-House. Apparently, this is where Havana's only Internet-cafe lies

AE_7_01.jpg - Market in Havana

AE_7_04.jpg - A view inside Havana trainstation

AE_7_07.jpg - That part of Havana hidden behind the trainststion

New Year's eve, the stay in Santa Clara, and beyond

AE_7_09.jpg - New Year's eve group photo

AE_7_11.jpg - A new years bonfinre where effigies of George Bush and Bill Clinton are burned

AE_7_12.jpg - The bonfire in full swing

AE_7_13.jpg - New year's eve with a table showing the extent of the carnage thus far

AE_7_14.jpg - At last - a REAL toilet!

AE_7_15.jpg - A view from the hotel-room (right)

AE_7_16.jpg - A view from the hotel-room (left)

AE_7_17.jpg - Some hills seen from the lake

AE_7_18.jpg - Pigs

AE_7_19.jpg - Chickens and turkeys

AE_7_20.jpg - The lake seen from some hills

AE_7_21.jpg - Things to do in a 24-hour doctor's surgery #1: Swing in the rocking-chairs

AE_7_22.jpg - A view of a painting through a door of a room with a condom-advert

AE_7_22a.jpg - Close-up of the condom-advert from the above photo

AE_7_23.jpg - Palm-trees on the way in to the alternative energy-center

AE_7_24.jpg - Outside the entrance to the alternative energy-center - The 'graffitti' says [With Cuba without much blah-blah [...]]

AE_7_25.jpg - The comittee for the defence of La Revolucion playing some music

AE_7_26.jpg - The Mausoleum seen from afar

AE_7_27.jpg - moving in ...

AE_7_28.jpg - ... and further in to the statue of Che

AE_7_29.jpg - Mural of La Revolucion

AE_7_29a.jpg - Close-up of the above mural

AE_7_30.jpg - View of the mausoleum from an angle

AE_7_31.jpg - CHE

AE_7_32.jpg - The square viewed from the mausoleum

AE_7_33.jpg - Departing from the mausoleum

AE_7_34.jpg - and here we have the...

AE_7_34a.jpg - closeup of previous photo

AE_7_35.jpg - Schoolkids from Santa Clara Art-School singing

AE_7_36.jpg - Sculpture at Santa Clara Art-school

AE_7_37.jpg - Group photo with schoolkids from Santa Clara Art-School

AE_7_38.jpg - A tobacco-processing factory

AE_7_39.jpg - It's those two again

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