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Viva la coconut!
...and other tales from the UK CSC Winter 2000 work-brigade to Cuba

Viva la coconut!


This is a website dedicated to the ventures and adventures of the Winter 2000 UK work-brigade to Cuba organised by the CSC. It contains personal accounts, photos, and other goodies contributed by the Winter 2000 UK brigadistas, along with some links. The majority of the stay was at the Campamento Internacional Julio Antonio Mella (Julio Antonio Mella Camp) (named after Julio Antonio Mella), but we also stayed in a place near Santa Clara for a few days.



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Mailing list

The UK CSC Winter 2000 work-brigade has set up a mailing-list. It is mainly meant for the Winter-2000 brigadistas from the UK to keep in touch, but people from other brigades are welcome to join - as is anyone thinking of going on a future brigade to see what it's like, and also anyone who'se just curious and wants to have a look.

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